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If you're looking for a lure that guarantees more action, bigger fish, and more strikes, then let us introduce the Doomzday Turtle™. It's the lure bass simply can't resist. Because baby turtles are nest raiders, it makes them natural enemies of bass. Bass are genetically programmed to kill baby turtles as a defense mechanism. The only way to fish it wrong, is to not fish it at all. If you're fishing with a Doomzday Turtle™, then IT'S A BAD DAY TO BE A BASS!

Get 5 Watermelon Red, 5 Green Pumpkin, 5 Red Devil Shad, 5 Peanut Butter & Jelly, and 5 Midnight Black Doomzday Turtles™, and a free Doomzday Turtle™ decal! That's 6 packs of turtles, all for $29.95. Double your order and get FREE SHIPPING! 12 packs of turtles and 2 decals for $39.90. Split an order with your friend and save shipping (or keep 'em all for yourself)

You're getting 30 Doomzday Turtles™ and a Doomzday Turtle™ decal, all for $29.95.